Deborah :As with any government program or agency there are always a host of acronyms. The Department of Homeland Securi

. In a well-written paper, briefly describe the history and
formation of the DHS. Next, be sure to include a description, at a
minimum, the acronyms QHSR, NRF, NIMS, NIPP, CIKR, HSPD 7, and HSPD
9. Explain what each means. This should be done in a logical
sequence where one acronym may/will build upon or allow for the
other as there is a top down logical flow to these acronyms. Within
each description, be sure to highlight and discuss core elements or
requirements that each acronym calls for or offers. Within this
process you will see where and how mitigation and preparedness fit
into the overall emergency management process.Your paper should be at least 3-4